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 Spotlight - SHUSI by Toyosi Shusi

SHUSI was highlighted by fashion and lifestyle blog, With Love, Thelms


Today, I wanted to jump straight into some fashion talk, and put the spotlight on an up and coming designer who’s ready to wear designs have swept me away.

As you babes know, I am Nigerian and throwing on my native prints (also known as ankara) is something I do often when I want to add depth to my look. In addition to adding depth, I rock my ankara print to represent the culture I come from and share its significance to me with those I come in contact with.

It was obvi a no brainer then when I discovered Shusi by Toyosi Shusi, I had to snag something from her site. 

SO, keep reading for why I’m putting the spotlight on Shusi’s designs.

Getting ready to wear ankara garments made in the US can be a bit challenging. There’s all these avenues you have to go through such as:

finding the fabric

coming up with your design or how you want the fabric to turn out

locating a tailor or seamstress that won’t charge you an arm and a leg

getting measured to ensure the clothing fits appropriately

and even more hoopla that y’all are not ready for me to get into…

Needless to say, getting clothing made in that manor is a long process only reserved for special occasions.

All the more reason I am digging Shusi by Toyosi Shusi. Her clothing is:

easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe

meets my criteria for all my clothing: minimalistic, feminine, and comfy

allows me to showcase my culture without paying said arm and leg

someone else is doing the hard work, lol

and the clothing is overall cute af,

I can’t tell y’all how many compliments I’ve received on this skirt already since making it part of my wardrobe a couple weeks back.