Protect your crown

For centuries, African men, particularly those of West African descent have adorned their heads with kufi hats during weddings, funerals, graduations, and other celebrations as a sign of peace, mourning, renewal or protection of mind. In the 19th century the durag originated when poor laborers and slaves needed something to tie their hair back. The durag has since evolved into a hairstyle preserver, fashion statement, and an act of Black self-love as college students nationwide have worn them during “Durag Days”. With an understanding of the history behind the kufi and durag, SHUSI is combining and modernizing both head pieces by creating ankara, toghu and adire nylon lined durags, highlighting the importance of hair to the Black community while allowing one to maintain their connection to their African roots.

Black hair care is a big business with an estimated $7.5 billion spent annually, however, most of this money never reaches black pockets. Black owned businesses such as Brashae's Beauty Supply, one of the few black owned beauty supplies in Houston, TX and location for this photoshoot is working to change this discrepancy. They provide quality products while also being knowledgeable about black hair care and stylists services.

Photographed by Ostin Miller